Initial settingup

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Initial settingup

Postby Phillip1160 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:16 pm

I have tried to setup my door opener but don't have enough knowledge to succeed.
I have compiled the software and uploaded it without errors. When I test the device I get the response
<Status statuspin =3>closed</status>
<Status statuspin =4>closed</status>

Which appears to match the example in the instructions, so I assume the upload is sucssful

I coded line 54 to address
My Netgear dgn2200 router uses for its address and 128 would then be reserved left the port at 80 and set the password to 2711
I need the Mac code for my port addressing so used DE AD BE EF FE ED

On my router I reserved in LAN SETUP the
IP address
device Mydooropener
MAC address De:ad:be:ef:fe:ed

In port forwarding I set
Service name Mydooropener
Start port 10080
End port 10080
Service IP address

In WAN Setup I set NAT filtering to OPEN and applied

In attached devices I don't see the relay unles I plig it then it is listed and then it appears, the ping says 4 packets transmitted, 4 packets received 0%packet loss round trip min/AV/max 0.3/0.5/1.4 ms
I take this to mean the communication between the relay and the router is ok when physically connected

On an iPhone 5 and iPad using so 9.2.1 using the app Mydooropener opener I setup two controllers one for within the home wireless network and one for external connection through the external IP that I found using myipaddress

In the internal controller I set the URL TO HTTP:/ as set in the port addressing to on the router and the password to 2711 as set before compiling. I setup two devices one using pin 7 control and 3 status, the second pin 8 control and 4 status
I did the same for the external access using the URL obtained from myipaddress

When I operate the app the message comes back as time out,
I have checked the forums and don't see anything wrong with what I am doing but I am a novice at router settings and don't know if my assumptions are correct.. Is there any way to tell if the device is functioning using USB sent instructions or LAN instructions sent to the router. The use of a cable is ok at present to debug but would prefer to make the relay a stand alone wireless device
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Re: Initial settingup

Postby support » Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:27 pm

You are trying too many things at once. Start simple and add to your setup. First try within your internal network without having anything
configured on your home router. Also try with only a single device, etc ... Start small and progress from that point forward, by adding one
thing at a time ...
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