Intermittant operation

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Intermittant operation

Postby Perry » Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:10 pm


I configured everything as per the instructions. When I compiled the code, I left out notifications to keep it simple. I flashed the card and hooked it into my Ethernet. When I pointed the browser to it I got:

<status statusPin="3">Closed</status>
<status statusPin="4">Closed</status>

So far so good. I port forwarded it to port 80. I have U-verse by the way so its just a matter of hitting "HTTP" in a drop box. I then configured the iphone app. I think that part is correct, but there were no detailed instructions on that part. Anyway I have 2 doors and if I click one of the buttons sometimes it clicks the relay and lights up the LED above the relay right away, sometimes it says "communication" and there is a several second delay. Sometimes it says "communicating" and then just eventually times out.

BTW: I have yet to connect the board to my doors yet, as I am just testing it out. Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing this?
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Re: Intermittant operation

Postby support » Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:28 pm

Do you have this behavior both on internal network and over the internet ?
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