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Version 3.1 - RELEASE NOTES

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:25 pm
by support

Today, Apple approved version 3.1 of our application for distribution. Following
are the release notes.

Once again, this minor update requires iOS7. Therefore, to use this release
you will need to upgrade your iPhone to iOS7, if you haven't done so already.

Please help us out by giving our app a "5 stars" rating ! Thanking you in advance for doing so ...

Release Notes

- Fixed issue where web camera refresh cycle would clear/remove pending open/close/trigger button.

- Removed 1 second web camera refresh rate as it was too aggressive. This feature spins a new thread for each refresh
and 1 second was just too much. We added a lower 3 seconds option instead.

- Other minor/cosmetic bug fixes.


Migration to version 3.1 is backward compatible. This means that if you already had migrated to version 3.0, you
will NOT be loosing your configuration when upgrading to version 3.1 (as opposed to when migrating from 2.x, in
which case you would - see version 3.0 release notes for details).

This new version will run without any changes to your existing MyDoorOpener 2.2 Arduino backend.

We hope you enjoy this minor update!