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Introducing MyDoorOpener Community Forums

Postby support » Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:11 pm

Hi everyone,

This is way too long overdue, but nonetheless ... We are pleased to at last announce
the introduction of community forums for the MyDoorOpener community to share
knowledge, experience and ideas.

Please use these forums diligently and be respectful in your postings. We haven't
setup "official" forum rules (at least for now), but here are a few pointers for those
that don't have too much experience with forums:

1) Use the appropriate forum for any new posting
2) Provide a good title to any new posting
3) Don't hijack existing threads. If you're replying to a thread, make sure that reply
is relevant within that thread's context.

As usual, any feedback is always welcome both for the MyDoorOpener product as
well as the introduction of these new forums.

Please report any technical issues with the forums so we can remedy any problems
as quickly as possible.

We trust that you will make good use of this new tool and will be using it wisely.

Thanks for your continued support,
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