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x-callbar-url support

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:00 pm
by support
With the introduction of version 3.2, MyDoorOpener now supports x-callback-url schemes. Following
is the documentation for the supported URL schemes.

So you ask ... What do these URLs bring to the table? Well, a whole lot ... This feature might seem highly technical, but don't get
intimidated ... These URLs are actually very simple, yet, they open up so many new opportunities. With them, you can now have
external applications trigger any of your MyDoorOpener defined doors/devices. Imagine the possibilities ... Endless!

You don't need to worry so much about constructing these URLs manually as the "Device" configuration screen,
directly from within the application, contains 3 new buttons (Open, Close & Toggle) which, when clicked, will
copy the respective URL to the clipboard, allowing for easy external application configuration, by simply pasting.

So this documentation is more for reference purposes.

Open a door/device:
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Close a door/device:
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Toggle a door/device:
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Launch application (landed on status page):
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{externalAppName} - Name of external application launching MyDoorOpener
{controllerUuid} - Uuid of MyDoorOpener controller to control
{deviceUuid} - Uuid of MyDoorOpener device/door to control