Version 3.2 - RELEASE NOTES

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Version 3.2 - RELEASE NOTES

Postby support » Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:20 pm


Today, Apple approved version 3.2 of our application for distribution. Following are the release notes.

Please help us out by giving our app a "5 stars" rating ! Please review the app even if you reviewed previous
versions. Thanking you in advance for doing so ... This is very very important and keeps development of this application alive!

If any issues are encountered, please report them in these forums and please don't go out posting negative reviews on the App Store
as this destroys the little reputation we have! We'll try and have issues fixed as quickly as possible, if any.

Release Notes

- Added new configurable "Grid Layout". This has been a requested feature. This new layout allows you to view all your doors/devices on
a single page (scrollable if you have too many). The number of devices per row is configurable, between 1 and 5.

- Added new device "External Launch URLs" (uses x-callback-url). These URLs will allow you to open/close/trigger any MyDoorOpener defined
door/device from any external application that supports launching URLs. Such app that we find very useful is Launch Center Pro. With
this great new feature, among other things, you can use iBeacon or WiFi enabled applications to monitor your proximity to certain locations
and upon certain events, trigger/open/close any MyDoorOpener door/device. Possibilities are endless!

- Added new controller "Enabled/Disabled" configuration option. This has been a requested feature so that a controller that's OFF or non-working
for a certain period of time, can be put out of service temporarily from the app without loosing its configuration, so it can be re-enabled at a later time.

- Added new "Skip Button Confirmation" configuration option. This is another requested feature which allows all button actions to skip the confirmation
process, requiring that second button click to confirm any action. Use this wisely as the door/device will be triggered immediately when this feature is turned ON!

- Other minor/cosmetic bug fixes.


Migration to version 3.2 is backward compatible. This means that if you already had migrated to version 3.x, you
will NOT be loosing your configuration data when upgrading to version 3.2. Even if that's the case, we strongly suggest
you take note of your entire configuration data prior to upgrading, just to be on the safe side ... You never know!

This new version will run without any changes to your existing MyDoorOpener 2.2 Arduino backend.

We hope you enjoy this update!
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