First MyDoorOpener prototype, circa 2009

Show off and discuss your setup.

First MyDoorOpener prototype, circa 2009

Postby support » Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:26 am

Hi everyone,

This forum is meant to show off your MyDoorOpener rig. We received many emails from our users
over the past few years and we've seen awesome setups. You guys really are amazing!

Use this forum to showcase your setup and engage in discussions with others.

To initiate it all, we'll post our initial setup for archival and historical purposes. This is our first
prototype which dates back to 2009. It is truly not nice but it worked and it got us started with
the idea behind what became MyDoorOpener. We still have that setup in a box somewhere ... Who
knows, maybe it'll sell at some auction one day for hundreds of thousands of dollars! :?

Have fun sharing your pictures too!
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