Integration with IFTTT - like Garageio

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Integration with IFTTT - like Garageio

Postby tijoe99 » Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:54 pm

I have enjoyed mydooropener for 2 years now and I really like it.
the risk I was always concern about is that the door stay open all night and it is happening to me 2-3 times per years.

mitigation strategy are that we use the push notification that are built in but I would need more protection.

The ideal would be that you integrate your product with IFTTT (if possible). See the garage door opener called Garageio at
I'm thinking about buying it because I would built an IFTTT recipe see; Example: 1) if I arrive home open the door OR 2) if it's 10 pm and door is open, close the door and send email OR 3) it door open, open a wemo switch OR 4) if NEST know you are away, close door if open, ... possibilities are endless.

1 item that would help me wait would be if I can get a push notification at 11pm (specific time) ( I tried getting current time from NTP server and got it to work on it's own but I was unable to integrate with mydooropener sketch ... lacking skill to do it!) or an automatic close like reported in other post.

thanks and congratulation for this good product !
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Re: Integration with IFTTT - like Garageio

Postby support » Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:52 pm

We currently don't integrate with IFTTT. It's on our backlog though but haven't had much time lately.

What you could do is use our URL launch scheme mechanism to trigger actions from any other app that can
launch URL schemes. See viewtopic.php?f=16&t=295 for more details.
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