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MyDoorOpener Siri Integration

Postby support » Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:34 am

Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, Apple doesn't yet have a public Siri API. This means 3rd party applications such as ours
can't unfortunately fully leverage the power of Siri.

With our latest release of MyDoorOpener which supports x-callback-url, here's a simple process that will allow you
to somewhat use Siri to control your devices and/or doors.

The steps described below illustrate the process I followed, in order to be able to tell Siri to have my home garage door opened.

1) Go to MyDoorOpener -> Settings -> Controller -> Devices -> Garage Door -> External Launch Urls -> Open (this will copy a URL to your clipboard).
2) Create a new contact on your iPhone, using Apple's Contacts application.
3) Go to the "First name" field. Set the value to "Home Garage".
4) Go to the "Homepage Url" field. Tap to paste your clipboard's content (URL copied from MyDoorOpener device settings).
(you can add additional URLs for close, toggle,etc if you want)

That's it. You're done.

Now you can go and say "Hey Siri Show Home Garage" ... Siri will come up and show you the Home Garage "contact". From there, you'll be
able to choose the "Open" URL presented below. When you do that, it will launch the MyDoorOpener application and open your garage door.

It's not the greatest Siri integration, but without true APIs provided by Apple, I think it's the best we can achieve for now.

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